Welcome to ~The Gorean Cave~ . . . I am Fogaban.

I have designed this place for those who are serious about Gor and the Gorean lifestyle.
I have built for you here a wealth of information on the Gorean Saga, the Chronicles of Counter Earth.

However, you won't find support for an "online-isim" or to help with what some call "Disney Gor".
You may not even find what you are used to seeing on hundreds of other Gorean websites.

When you search for Gorean information, what are really looking for?
Are you wanting someone's opinions, maybe thoughts, even their guesses?
Or would you rather have a quote from the series itself?

Have you been to a Gorean website that shows what appears to be a quote but there is no book reference?

Is that good enough for you?

Here at ~The Gorean Cave~, I have provided not just the most popular quote, but many (if not all) of the quotes on the subject.

I have painstakingly examined the series of books by John Norman. Through this intensive research, spanning over 35 years, and covering the 33 Books, I provide here what the books say, not what you might want to hear.
Some sections are essays, some are narratives and others are nothing more than "booktext".

Obviously, all credit goes to John Norman as the original author.
I have simply compiled sections of his text into groups and categories.

By The Book

~The Gorean Cave~ is not a substitute for the Books themselves.
There is no alternative for reading the Books yourself.
Find them, buy them and read them.

Don't take a website's word for what the Books tell us of Gor.
Yes, that's right, not even this one. Don't believe what I tell you is the truth. Believe what I show you is the truth.

Then, pull out your own copy of the Book I reference, find the page and read the surrounding text for yourself.

I pride myself with this being the most accurate source of reference material you will find anywhere else. If it cannot be substantiated, you won't find it here.

Most other Gorean websites are nothing more than deposits of what has been read elsewhere and not what the Books actually say. This only adds to the glut of misinformation.

The uninformed, overwhelmed by the sheer volume of this misinformation, cannot help but believe it to be true. They think, "This must be correct. So many different sites say so."

But is it really the truth? Is it really By The Book?

The slave position of 'Karta' is one perfect example of something that has propagated across countless Gorean websites:

"Karta Position:
Lean forward placing breasts and forehead against the floor. Reach out with arms fully extended, palms against floor. Ankles may be crossed or uncrossed. Shows utmost respect. Requests may be made from this position."
This is blatant make believe.
The simple fact is the word 'Karta' does not even appear in the series.

In what I provide here, I did not copy from another website. Instead I present this material to refute what most websites say. I present here, the truth.

You will find nothing here that has been made up or imagined. All references are backed by direct quotes from the books.

Just a sample of truths you will find within these pages . . .
  º Is it proper for a slave to greet a Free Person with the word Tal? - Yes
  º Did a serving slave ever hold a vessel to her breast for "three beats of a slave's heart"? - No
  º Is it true a female Physician is not admitted to full practice until she has borne two children? - Yes
  º Did a slave, preparing for a serve, ever 'sweeten the vessel' before serving it? - No!

Due to different publishers, font sizes and words per page, my page references may not align exactly with the book you have.
The publisher, edition and printing of the books I have, and from which all of my quotes are taken, can be found on the Book Statistics page.

All my work here, I have done for you.

I wish you well,