Camerius (Ar)
Selnar (Ko-ro-ba)
Passage Hand
Year 10,174 Contasta Ar

The Gorean Slave Serve

Online Gor has portrayed about every variation imaginable of how a slave should "properly" serve a beverage.

The Gorean slave serve, next to weapons, is probably the most widely misrepresented, distorted and ruined exhibition of truth to be found.

It makes me sick.

It seems every Chat Room, every RP environment and every other website has a different idea of what is correct.

Now, I will grant you, to be sure, a Free Person is entitled to and may require a slave to serve in any manner that meets a whim.

I don't care if the slave is required to balance a tray on the bottoms of her feet while walking on her hands and whistling Dixie.

What is wrong is to teach a girl that 'a certain way' is proper and "You shall serve this way because the books say so!".

What is blatantly wrong is to include make believe serves on your website. This just adds to the glut of misinformation.

What is also just as wrong is for one slave to observe another slave serving a certain way, repeat the technique, even adding yet another twist and then perpetuate this . . . without ever verifying if it is true. This is only propagating the error.

Read the damn books!

So, what exactly is a serve "by the book"?

Notice the three links on the left, under the heading of The Serve:
As a Composite
In Context
In Pieces

As a Composite will show a 'composite serve'. This is where I took all the parts of a serve and melded them into the order in which they happen, thus showing a 'by the book serve'.

In Context will show, in context, every instance where the mechanics of a serve are described.

In Pieces will show all the different facets from all of the serve descriptions but sorted into sections or pieces.

This does not mean that the only 'real' or 'proper' serve includes every part of the Composite Serve.
There are many more instances where, for instance, a slave simply filled a glass.

What this is intended to show is everything involved in a full blown, all out, almost ritualistic and what I refer to as a Protocol Serve.

All of this is . . . By The Book.

Now to clear up just a few, all too common, misunderstandings, realize that:

There is NO occurrence of the words 'slave's heart' or 'slave heart'.
Example - "she holds the cup to her breast for three beats of a slave's heart."

At NO time do the Books ever show a slave 'taking three steps'.
Example - "she moves back three steps, turns and goes to get the beverage."
There are only three instances where the words 'three' and 'steps' occur together, and none of these are in the context of a serve.

There is NOT ONE instance of the words 'three beats' during a serve.
There is, in fact, only one instance where the words 'three' and 'beats' appear together, and this has nothing to do with a slave serve.

NOT ONCE do the Books show where a slave tastes the drink before offering it.
There is only one instance where a slave was to taste the same drink of a Master and as can be seen, she was to have her own bowl.
"Bring two bowls." I said.
"Two?" asked the girl.
"The slave," I said, indicating Elizabeth, "will taste it first."
"Of course, Master," said the girl.
Assassin of Gor - Page 106
pssst . . . Notice she is not serving Tarl nor testing his bowl.

And finally, NO WHERE is there an instance of a slave ever 'sweetening' a beverage by taking the vessel and rubbing it in her crotch.

I wish you well,


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