Camerius (Ar)
Selnar (Ko-ro-ba)
Passage Hand
Year 10,174 Contasta Ar

This One House

by Fogaban

We all live .  .  . somewhere. It seems safe to assume that anyone who is reading this lives in a dwelling of some sort.

There are those who have designed their own houses from the ground up. Even before the house was built they set the limits on where the walls and the spaces would be.

There are those who have bought a pre-existing house. However, not liking it exactly as it was, they covered a door and moved it to another place. Maybe they installed more outside walls to add a room here or there. Maybe they enlarged an interior room or even put up a new wall to make one space into smaller rooms.

But then there are some who live in a house built by someone else. Not only was this house designed by someone else, that someone still owns it. Those that live in this house are not allowed to change its features.

Now, let's say people can live in any of these houses they would like. No one will force them to choose. They can move from one type of house to another at any time.

However, focus on the last example, the one built and still owned by someone else. The outside walls which enclose the spaces are predefined. The interior walls are immoveable. Where the doors are located is set. It was designed by someone else. It can't be changed.

Looking for a house, some stop by to visit. Many of these, knowing there are a lot of houses to choose from, and seeing what goes on in this one house, quickly move on to look at other houses.

A certain portion of those seeking a house decide to move into this one house. But almost immediately they want to move walls. It seems to them that, while walls are fine, this wall or that wall would be so much better if it were only 'here' instead of 'there'. <

However, those already living in this one house defend its design and do not allow this. They know if they even tried moving walls to suit one, it would only bother someone else. And besides, it's not really their house. They can't change the walls if they wanted to.

The transient leaves, perhaps buying a house where they can move their own walls.

Lastly there are some who really, really like this one house, just the way it is. They can easily accept that someone else built this one house. They like the walls right where they are.

Those of this last group, who actually do move in and stay, know, at least for the most part, where the outside walls are. If they bump into an interior wall from time to time, they learn. It's not the wall's fault. The wall was already there. The wall can't be moved. Those living there must remember where that wall is and except it.

It's alright though, the walls really aren't that bad. They define the space adequately. Not too close together and not so far apart that one loses their way. Besides, the others living there help the newer ones learn where the walls are and where are the spaces. As others move in and out, it can at times seem all but vacant and at other times quite cozy but somehow never crowed.

Everyone living in this one house knows what to expect from the others living there and what not to expect. The attitudes of those who picked this one house as a place to live seem to be, while varied, all running along the same theme. Everyone that liked the layout of this one house saw in it a place they could both be themselves and, at the same time, interact with others. They find in this one house, with all its walls and all its spaces, a place where they can relax.

Remember, no one is forced to live in this one house. Anyone can move out at any time. Some, even after living in this one house for a time, grow disgruntled at either the others living there or with the walls themselves and they move out. Nevertheless, while living in this one house, those there are expected to conform to the boundaries already set.

Those who like this one house say, "Stay here if you like, but leave the walls alone."

Or to put it another way ... "Be Gorean or be gone".


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