Fifth Month
Passage Hand
Year 10,174 Contasta Ar

A Gorean Slave Serve

in Pieces

I searched the entire series for every instance where the mechanics of a beverage serve is described.

I then chopped up all the different facets from all of these descriptions and sorted them into sections.

As with the Composite Serve, this is not to mean that the only true and proper serve 'must' use all these parts.

More than anything what this shows is that if it is not listed here, it is not By The Book.

This new section of the Serves topic is really more to aid you in searching all of what the Books have to say.

Book and page references for all of these can be found on the In Context page.

I wish you well,

The Wait

remaining as much in the background as possible

One of the men lifted his cup

My master looked at me. He lifted his cup.

I knelt silently in the background

I was ignored and neglected. I would be summoned, if needed

Surely it was more common, she thought, for slaves to be simply kneeling to one side, inconspicuously, unobtrusively, waiting to serve

When not serving she may kneel to one side, unobtrusively, waiting to be summoned

There she would kneel down and wait, prepared to approach and serve again, if aught else might be needed

She knelt, obedient to the protocols of her condition, slimly, beautifully, back straight, back on heels, knees spread, the palms of her hands on her thighs.
The decanter of wine was beside her, at her right knee

The Approach

She approaches the young man and kneels before him, her knees in the dictated position of the Pleasure Slave

I hurried to him.

I put down the paga flask which I carried that I might, unencumbered, assume the position of serving paga, or wine, to a Gorean male.

She turned about. She nearly spilled the paga, trembling. It was well for her that she did not spill it.
Slowly, alone, a paga slave, naked and collared, she approached my table.

left the line of kneeling male slaves and approached the table, carrying the vessel of wine

I approached the table deferentially. I knelt before Lola

The Question

"May I serve you?" she asked

I looked at the girl. Her eyes met mine, softly. Her lips were slightly parted. "Wine, Master?" she asked

Each of the girls considered eligible for this service, at one time or another during the evening, will approach the guest and offer him wine

"Wine, Master?" she asked.

"Wine, Mistress?" I asked.

"Again, Jason," said the Lady Gina, "more softly, more deferentially."
"Wine, Mistress?" I again asked.

"Your slave begs to serve you wine"

"The slave begs to serve her master wine"

The Fetch and Preparation

Aphris got up and fetched not a skin, but a bottle, of wine

She poured wine into the crater and replaced the bottle. Kamchak had watched her hands very carefully. She had had to break the seal on the bottle to open it. The crater had been upside down when she had picked it up. If she had poisoned the wine she had certainly done so deftly

The girl turned and withdrew

I turned and, among the furnishings of the tent, found a bottle of Ka-la-na, of good vintage, from the vineyards of Ar, the loot of a caravan raid. I then took the wine, with a small copper bowl, and a black, red-trimmed wine crater, to the side of the fire. I poured some of the wine into the small copper bowl, and set it on the tripod over the tiny fire in the fire bowl.
After a time I took the copper bowl from the fire and held it against my cheek. I returned it again to the tripod, and again we waited.
Again I took the bowl from the fire. It was now not comfortable to hold the bowl, but it was not painful to do so. I poured the wine from the small copper bowl into the black, red-trimmed wine crater, placing the small bowl in a rack to one side of the fire. I swirled, slowly, the wine in the wine crater. I saw my reflection in the redness, the blondness of my hair, dark in the wine, and the collar, with its bells, about my throat.
I now, in the fashion of the slave girl of Treve, held the wine crater against my right cheek. I could feel the warmth of the wine through the side of the crater.
"Is it ready?" he asked.
A master of Treve does not care to be told that his girl thinks it is. He wishes to be told Yes, or No.
"Yes," I whispered.

She poured it differently than she had before. She knelt, her head down, the hair forward. I could see it in her shoulders. She, a slave girl, poured wine for masters.

She carried a tray, on which were various spoons and sugars. She knelt, placing her tray on the table. With a tiny spoon, its tip no more than a tenth of a hort in diameter, she placed four measures of white sugar, and six of yellow, in the cup; with two stirring spoons, one for the white sugar, another for the yellow, she stirred the beverage after each measure. She then held the cup to the side of her cheek, testing its temperature

She rose swiftly to her feet

I would pour the paga, which I carried, into a goblet, kiss it, as was expected, and give it to the man. "Paga!" called my captor. I almost fainted. I went to him and, shaking, poured paga into his goblet; I was terrified that I might spill it; it was not only that I feared, should I spill the beverage, that I might be beaten for my clumsiness; it was even more than I wished to appear graceful and beautiful before him; but I shook, and was awkward; the paga sloshed in the goblet but, as my heart almost stood still, it did not spill; he looked at me; I was a clumsy girl, and a poor slave; I felt so small and unworthy before him; I was not only a girl, small and weak before these mighty men; I was not even a good slave.

I hastened to him, took the cup, and filled it

My master extended his cup to me, and I, kneeling, filled it

She drew back, taking the bottle and cup. In most taverns no bottle is brought to the table but the paga is brought to the table, by the paga slave, a cup at a time, the cups normally being filled from a vat behind the counter. She filled the cup there, before me, and left it behind.
She returned the bottle then to the table, and went back again for the cup.

"Now, pour." Carefully I poured the wine into the cup before Lola. "You are pouring it too swiftly, Slave," said Lola.

"Yes, Master," she said. She got to her feet and went to the side of the shed, where the water bucket was placed, to get the yellow, half-gourd dipper.
We watched her.
She filled the half-gourd dipper.

she cried and leaped to her feet, hurrying to the water, in its wooden bucket, at the side of the shed

She reached to the wine, a sweet Ka-la-na of Ar, and filled the goblet to the third ring

Temione had now filled her paga vessel. She picked up a goblet from a rack near the vat. The shelving on the rack was of narrow wooden rods. The goblets are kept upside down on the rods. In this way, washed, they can drain, and dry. This also affords them some protection from dust. I watched her carefully wipe the goblet. Woe to the slave who would dare to serve paga or wine in a dirty goblet!

Quickly, with a tiny sound of bells, and the small sounds of the necklaces and bracelets, the girl reached for the paga goblet

The Return

then approached again, climbing the stairs, delicately, as though timidly, head down

I, carrying the wine crater, rose to my feet and approached him

Quickly she returned with the half-gourd brimming full

The girl who had gone to fetch my paga now returned and knelt before the table

The red-haired paga slave then returned with the goblet, brimming, and knelt beside the low table

The Serve

she knelt before him in the position of the Pleasure Slave and, head down, arms extended

kneeling before me, head down

handing me the black, red-trimmed wine crater

Then she leaned forward, bending her knees slightly, her body graceful She poured the diluted wine into my cup, bowed her head and with a shy smile

I observed Inge filling the paga goblet of one of the huntsmen. She knelt closer to him than she needed to. Her lips were parted. Her eyes shone. Her hands, slightly, shook on the paga bottle

I then knelt before him, with a rustle of slave bells, in the position of the pleasure slave

she, looking at him, timidly kissed the side of the cup and placed it before him

She knelt, head down, before me. She poured, carefully, the hot, black beverage into the tiny red cup

I quickly pressed my lips to the goblet, kissing it. Then, suddenly, as I was to hand it to him, I boldly, again, lifted the goblet's side to my lips. Holding it in both hands, I kissed it again, lovingly, delicately, fully, lingeringly, my eyes closed. I had never kissed a boy on Earth with the helplessness and passion that I bestowed upon the mere goblet of my Gorean captor.

I poured wine from the flask I bore into the cup

I took the cup and filled it. I looked at him, angrily over the brim of the cup. Then I pressed my lips to his cup as I must, as a slave girl

I pressed my lips long to its side

I pressed my lips to the cup

She again turned her head to the side and pressed her lips softly, lingeringly, against it. Then she kissed it

She then knelt there, before me.
"Press the cup to your belly," I told her.

She lifted the metal cup from her belly and, turning her head to the side, pressed her lips against it. She then kissed it.

"'Now take the goblet,' he said, 'and hold the metal against your body, pushing inward.' I took the goblet and held it, tightly, to my body. I held the round, heavy metal against me, below my brassiere. 'Lower,' he said, 'against your belly.' I then held the goblet lower. 'Press it more inward,' he said. I did so. I can still feel the cold metal against me, firmly, partly against the silk of my undergarment, partly against my belly.

She then, holding the bowl, knelt again, gracefully, before me. Looking at me, she tossed her head, throwing her dark hair behind her. The slender steel collar was beautiful on her throat. She, holding the bowl with two hands, pressed it back against her belly, low, below the navel. I looked at the edge of the bowl, containing the wine, pressed back, into her flesh.

"Your drink, Master," said Taphris.
He looked at her and, suddenly, frightened, she fell to her knees. She put her head down. She pressed the yellow, rough-skinned half-gourd, brimming with water, deep into her belly. Then she lifted the yellow side of the gourd to her lips and, lingeringly, turning her head, kissed it

She looked at Barus, and then she knelt before me, and pressed the half-gourd into her naked belly, head down, then lifted it to her lips, and lingeringly kissed it

I watched her pouring the bevera e. She did so carefully, deferentially, being careful not to spill a drop

Then, as I sat back against the couch, she knelt before me. She, head down, pressed the heavy metal goblet deep into her lower abdomen, and then she lifted it to her lips and, holding it with both hands, kissed it lingeringly and lovingly

She kissed the goblet

Then, kneeling there before me, her knees widely, piteously, opened, clad in a bit of slave silk, she kissed and licked deferentially, humbly, at the goblet

When Ellen had poured for the fellow, she had been careful not to let her hair fall forward and brush his shoulder. She knew such things might be arousing to men, and that Gorean men, with their powerful sexual appetites, were easily aroused

Sometimes the cup is first warmed at the breasts, for Goreans commonly drink wine warm, or pressed meaningfully against the slave's lower belly, the hard rim of the cup pressed inward, severely, against her yielding flesh

touching the cup variously to her body, pressing it here and there against, moving it here and there against her beauty, feeling the steel rim firmly, unyieldingly, against her yielding softness, kissing it, placing it, kissing it, placing it, this commonly done at the belly, the waist, at each breast, and at each shoulder, and then, lifting her eyes, regarding him over the rim of the cup, kissing it again, one last time, lingeringly, lovingly

And then, looking down, she pressed the metal of the goblet to her belly, and then to her breasts, and then lifted the large cup to her lips, and, looking at Cabot over the rim, kissed the cup, lingeringly

"Kiss the goblet," said Cabot, kindly. "Lingeringly. And regard me while you do so. Now lift your head and touch the goblet, lightly, to your collar, so that you hear the sound."

"You have lovely breasts," said Cabot. "Now touch the goblet lightly to each of them, first the left, then the right. Make certain you clearly feel the touch, pressing it in a bit."

"Now lower the goblet to your belly," he said, "and, while first looking at me, and then, secondly, down to the goblet, press the rim into your belly, firmly."

The Proffer

head down, she proffers the wine to him

offered him the crater

her voice a whisper in my ear, an invitation, "Wine, Master?" as though offering not wine, but herself

I put my head down and, with both hands, extending my arms to him, held forth the wine crater. "I offer you wine, Master," I said.

Trembling, I extended the goblet to him.

Our eyes met. He was, I knew, one of those who had had me. I was now serving him. He regarded me. I extended to him the cup.

Then I pressed my lips to his cup as I must, as a slave girl, and handed it to him.

then humbly proffered it

and handed it to him

One kneels, one proffers the cup, head down, with both hands, to the male

Then she knelt before him, back on her heels, head down, lifting the goblet to him, proffering it to the master with both hands

She proffered the cup to me. She knelt back on her heels, her knees wide, and extended her arms to me, the cup in her hands

Then again, kneeling back on her heels, her knees wide, extending her arms to me, the cup in her hands, she proffered me the drink

"Your head should be down, between your arms," I said

"Your paga, Master," she said

"Your girl brings you drink, Master," she said

"Here is your drink, Master," she said. "I beg to serve you further in any way I may."

"For your pleasure," she said, "I bring you paga and a slave."

"Evelyn tenders drink humbly to Master," she said. "Evelyn hopes Master will later find her suitable to give him pleasure."

"I am Evelyn," she said. "I serve you, naked and collared. Take me later to the alcove. I beg to be taught my slavery."

She then held it there, in both hands. "Paga, Master?" she whispered

She then, her knees wide, her arms extended to me, her head down, between her arms, proffered the paga to me. "Your paga, Master," she whispered

"I am Evelyn," she said. "I serve you, naked and collared. Take me later to the alcove. I beg to be taught my slavery."

'Now,' said he, 'lift the goblet to your lips and kiss it lingeringly, then proffer it to me, arms extended, head down.'"

Then she lifted the bowl before her and, gently, turning her head, placing her lips softly upon it, kissed it. She then, with two hands, head down, proffered to me the chipped, shallow bowl.
"Wine, Master?" she asked.

then she lifted it to him with both hands, her head down between her extended arms

"I bring you drink, Master," she said

then proffered it to me, kneeling, arms extended, trembling, head down between her arms

Then, kneeling back on her heels she put down her head and, humbly, her arms extended, her head down between them, proffered me the goblet. "Wine, Master?" she asked

She made certain her knees were widely spread in the sand, and then she extended her arms, her head down, between them, the bowl held out to our young guest. "Water, captor?'' she inquired.

and then, her head down, between her extended arms, proffered it to me. "Paga, Master?" she asked

Then, head down, her arms extended, she proffered it to me

proffers it to the master, with two hands, arms extended, head down between her arms

then lifting it to him in two hands, her head deferentially down, between her extended arms

She then lowered her head between her extended arms and proffered him the goblet

kneeling before him, lifting the goblet in two hands, her head down, between her extended arms

She lifted the goblet toward him, holding it in both hands. Her head was down, between her extended arms

The Wait

He took the wine, and I watched, in terror. He sipped it, and smiled. I nearly fainted. I would not be beaten.

He did not take it. I shrank back, confused. I did not know what to do. I realized then that I had, in my confusion and distress, forgotten to place my lips upon the goblet in subservience.

He did not accept it. Our eyes met. I took the cup and pressed my lips to it. Again I extended the cup to him. Still he regarded me.
His eyes were upon me.
Angrily, with helpless anger, the futile, meaningless anger of a slave girl, I again pressed my lips to the cup, this time fully and lingeringly.
Again I extended to him the cup.
This time he took it.

He took it, scarcely noticing me, and returned his attention to the map in the dirt, which was of importance.

He took the goblet from her and, regarding her, drank

I took the bowl of wine from her. She trembled. She looked up at me

I then took the goblet from her, and drank. She lifted her head, and watched me

He sipped a bit of the wine, a Ka-la-na of Ar, and then returned the goblet to me. I kissed it again, and then replaced it on the table

He took it, and drank, and handed the cup back to me, "Thank you, Master," I whispered

The Departure

backed gracefully down the stairs behind me, then turned and hurried away

her head down, she withdrew

She knelt back, about a yard from the table

I went back, beside the couch, and again knelt. She turned about and placed the cup of wine on the low desk and, in a moment, was again deeply engaged in her work. I think she forgot that I wa in the room.

After the wine was poured she rose up and body bent, head down, eyes cast down, backed gracefully, silently, away, withdrawing to the side


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