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Year 10,174 Contasta Ar

Slave Sister

This is my narrative and relevant references from the Books where I discuss what one slave girl calls another.
I make no pronouncements on these matters, but report them as I find them.
Arrive at your own conclusions.

I wish you well,

I had a question on this topic some time ago, the topic came up again in "Have A Question?" and it has also been a topic in places like Second Life and even Real Life.

What does one slave girl call another?

I used the word sister to search the whole series. And I really did expect to find many instances where this word is used by one girl to address another. But I was surprised to find . . . that just is not the case.

Numerous girls, many, many times, in referring to other slaves, used terms such as kennel sister, chain sisters, sister slaves, pole sisters, coffle sister, collar sisters and sisters in bondage.
But the use of "Sister" is simply not prevalent (in fact, almost nonexistent).
However, finally, in book 34, I found this quote:

"Sisters!" cried Paula. "Kneel! A man approaches!"
Plunder of Gor       Book 34       Page 62

My analysis of the overall theme of the books is that, even though the word sister is rarely used in a quoted sentence, using the term to address another girl would be acceptable.

In other cases, girls referred to each other by name. Here is one example:

"El-in-or wants a master!" squealed Ute. "El-in-or wants a master!" I pursued her into the stream splashing water at her, and she fled away, stumbling, and then turned and fled back to the bank. Ute, and the others, stood there, laughing and pointing at me. I stood knee deep in the swift stream. "El-in-or wants a master!" they cried, laughing.
Captive of Gor       Book 7       Page 97

Other times the term Slave was used, as in these examples:

"Hurry, Slave! Hurry in your work!" cried Ute.
Captive of Gor       Book 7       Page 318

"I shall miss you," said Eta, kissing me. "I wish you well, Slave," she said.

Lehna, Donna and Chanda came to me, and kissed me, and hugged me. "I wish you well, Slave," they said.

"I wish you well," I said.

Slave Beads stood to one side, looking at me.

"Will you not say farewell to your sister slave?" I asked.

She came to my side, and knelt down beside me. "Yes," she said, tears in her eyes. "We are all slaves," she said. She took me in her arms and kissed me. Slave Beads was no longer the Lady Sabina. She, too, now, was only a slave. "I wish you well, Slave," she said.

"I wish you well, Slave," I said to her.
Slave Girl of Gor       Book 11       Page 191

And another term is the word Slut, as shown here:

"I am a better slave than you," said Ginger, "Slave Slut."

"No, you are not, Slave Slut," hissed Evelyn.
Savages of Gor       Book 17       Page 116

"Slut!" hissed one of the chained slaves.
Kajira of Gor       Book 19       Page 259

Here are supporting references where the word Sister is used in context:

I suddenly realized, climbing the ramps of Laura toward the compound, leashed, under guard, carrying a jar of wine on my head, balancing it with my right hand, among my sisters in bondage, breathing the fantastic air of Gor, that I was happy.
Captive of Gor       Book 7       Page 96

"I, and my five sisters in bondage, serve twenty men."

"Are they easy to please?" asked Arlene.

"No," said Constance.
Beasts of Gor       Book 12       Page 345

"Do you think me any the less conquered than Janice and Alice, my white sisters in bondage?" she asked.
Explorers of Gor       Book 13       Page 180

"Extinguish the lamps, my lovely sisters in bondage," said Aynur, pleasantly.
Witness of Gor       Book 26       Page 664

"We are all sisters," she said. "I am no more than they."

"You have pronounced yourself a slave," said Mahpiyasapa, wonderingly.

"Yes, Master," she said.

"Now," said Mahpiyasapa, "you are a slave, even if you were not before."
Blood Brothers of Gor       Book 18       Page 454

"And you are low girl here," he said, "so you will address your chain sisters as 'Mistress' as well."

"Yes, Master!" I cried.
Kajira of Gor       Book 19       Page 261

"No," laughed Corinna, "I am Gorean, and many of my Gorean collar sisters would look down on me for even speaking to an Earth-girl slave. The name 'Corinna' was put on me that I might see myself as no better than the lowliest of slaves. Too, I think my noble master, Peisistratus, finds the name sexually stimulating on a Gorean girl."
Kur of Gor       Book 28       Page 655

I frankly see no reason to believe that the women of Earth, in general, are either better looking or not when compared with their Gorean sisters, nor, of course, that they are better or worse than we.
Conspirators of Gor       Book 31       Page 40

"Allison," said Astrinax, "suppose that one of your sister slaves, in the kitchen, had been given a candy, perhaps as a tip from a customer, from waiting on the tables."
Conspirators of Gor       Book 31       Page 170

"Thank you, Master," she breathes, licking and kissing the hand which has deigned to bestow so precious a gift upon her. How proud she is then, the possessor of so rare a treat, and how envied she will be amongst her chain sisters!
Conspirators of Gor       Book 31       Page 171

Too, such garmenture is unflattering, and likely to solicit ridicule from one's sister slaves.
Conspirators of Gor       Book 31       Page 185

My hopes of acquiring a suitable master had been muchly dashed after the burning of the gambling house, and my translation, with that of my chain sisters, to the Tarsk Market.
Conspirators of Gor       Book 31       Page 200

Had they thought to sway a Gorean male? Had they no sense of the discipline under which their chain sister had been placed?
Conspirators of Gor       Book 31       Page 371

"Would you not like, kajira," said Trachinos, "to have a pretty anklet? You might then be the envy of your sister slaves."
Conspirators of Gor       Book 31       Page 412

More often I was given a harsh scolding before the other girls, concluded with a stroke or two of the switch. The point of this was more to demean and humiliate me before my sister slaves than really hurt me.
Conspirators of Gor       Book 31       Pages 465 - 466

I knew that Chloe was not happy that our first girl should be a barbarian. Indeed, I had gathered, from remarks by our Gorean chain sisters in the quarters, that such an appointment was rare.
Conspirators of Gor       Book 31       Page 507

Even I was uncomfortable, though my slave fires had not yet begun to rage in the manner of several of my chain sisters.
Conspirators of Gor       Book 31       Page 584

"Only a self-centered, simple, shallow, naive little brute," he said, "a trivial, selfish little beast, of inferior character, who would steal a candy from a sister slave, if it might be done with impunity."
Conspirators of Gor       Book 31       Page 651

Her vaunted declaration, however, had brought her only derision and mockery from her chain sisters.
. . .

How lost she was amongst us, so isolated and alone, reduced from her former status, and despised by her sister slaves.
Smugglers of Gor       Book 32       Page 64

There was laughter from several of the other cages, and I gathered that the girl from Asperiche was not popular with her chain sisters.
Smugglers of Gor       Book 32       Page 71

"Be still," said a coffle sister.
Smugglers of Gor       Book 32       Page 71

She was still reserved with me, and regarded me with condescension, but would no longer strike me, or speak to me as she had originally, perhaps if only because doing so would offer her chain sisters an excellent, and welcome, pretext for administering, given the recent past, another unpleasant lesson in civility.
Smugglers of Gor       Book 32       Page 154

How terrified had been several of my chain sisters even to think of being embarked on such a vessel.
Smugglers of Gor       Book 32       Page 235

"I trust I will be permitted a tunic," I said.

"It is not likely," he said.

"Then I would be humiliated before my sister slaves," I said.
Smugglers of Gor       Book 32       Page 471

For example, two of my friends, sister slaves, kennel sisters, Relia and Janina, I thought were quite beautiful.
Smugglers of Gor       Book 32       Page 475

Surely, I thought, her gowning would be likely to produce contempt and amusement amongst her kennel sisters, if not actual envy and hostility.
Smugglers of Gor       Book 32       Page 485

Several of her kennel sisters laughed.
Smugglers of Gor       Book 32       Page 491

Such things, doubtless, would make her resented amongst her chain sisters, but, too, they would not seem to me indications of madness, and certainly not, if there were any ground for possible airs or pretensions.
Smugglers of Gor       Book 32       Page 493

She struggled but was helpless in the hands of her chain sisters, two of whom maintained their grip on her arms, one on each side.
Smugglers of Gor       Book 32       Page 496

And now, I thought will certain slaves regale their sisters in the pens with accounts of their value, how they were bartered for a measure or two of rice?
Rebels of Gor       Book 32       Page 79

"You sought to achieve an advantage over your sister slaves," I said, "who must display themselves as commanded, uniformly."
Rebels of Gor       Book 32       Page 489

"Why are not men, male slaves, or beasts, bosk or tharlarion, used to turn the mill?" I had asked one of my chain sisters.
Plunder of Gor       Book 32       Page 141

I thrust then, again, with a rattle of chains, harder, against the pole.

My pole sisters laughed.
Plunder of Gor       Book 32       Page 143

"Mistress!" cried the girl to my left, alarmed. "The barbarian is ill, she is stricken, she has fainted!" Instantly my chain sisters stopped turning the mill.
Plunder of Gor       Book 32       Page 144

"How brave she is," marveled one of my chain sisters.
Plunder of Gor       Book 32       Page 146

I saw that the kitchen master, and my sister slaves, even Fina, understood no more of this than I.
Plunder of Gor       Book 32       Page 155

. . . Why are you not, amongst the porticoes and colonnades, chatting and gossiping with your collar sisters, seeking news, a word dropped in the tiers of the Central Cylinder becoming common knowledge by nightfall, not comparing collars and masters, not complaining about the recent quality of the tunic cloth, not whispering delightedly of the intrigues and doings of free women, and so on."
Plunder of Gor       Book 32       Page 182

The slaves are at the disposal of the men, as one would expect, but I, as a private slave, a status envied by my collar-sisters, was reserved to my master.
Plunder of Gor       Book 32       Page 236

"You are a barbarian," she sobbed.

"So I am a thousand times less than you," I said, "but we are sister slaves. Do you think the collar is on your neck less than mine?"
Plunder of Gor       Book 32       Page 658

Interestingly, I feared not only the views of the free, but those of my sister slaves.
Quarry of Gor       Book 32       Page 23

Surely several of my sister slaves were more attractive than I, though, to be sure, much depends on the interests and tastes of a given master. I was even a barbarian.
Quarry of Gor       Book 32       Page 70

"What a fool she is," said one of my sister slaves.
Quarry of Gor       Book 32       Page 88

To my amazement my two sister slaves were freed of their chains in the hold and brought to the deck.
Quarry of Gor       Book 32       Page 108

I, as were my chain sisters, was now in a brief, wrap-about yellow tunic.
Quarry of Gor       Book 32       Page 164

"Yes, Master," I said, "I know." I was pleased that I knew this, at least, for I was acutely conscious of my ignorance of thousands of things Gorean. I was often derided by my chain-sisters, if I may use the term, for my ignorance.
Quarry of Gor       Book 32       Pages 173 - 174

"Slave," I said.

"Master?" she said.

"While we wait for our tea to cool," I said, "perhaps you might, amongst your various duties, fill a pan with water, and take it outside the tavern, and cast it into the gutter, following which you might return and inform us if you have noted anything unusual in the vicinity."

"Yes, Master," she said, and withdrew.
. . .

"Withdraw," I said, "and encourage your chain sisters to leave the floor."
Warriors of Gor     Book 37     Page 286

What kajira is not eager to impress her collared sisters with the latest of her household's well-kept secrets?
Warriors of Gor     Book 37     Page 529

"My sisters now have the freedom of the deck of the Dorna," she said.
Warriors of Gor     Book 37     Page 613


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